The Rock calls out reporter for fake news

In a fascinating improvement earlier today, Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" got out a news correspondent for spreading lies and for posting an interview with the previous WWE Champion that was completely fabricated.

Supposedly, The Rock was blamed for directing an interview with The Daily Star, where he hauled the millennial age into the mud by alluding to the present age as the "snowflake age". As expressed in the article, The Rock was cited in saying:

"So many great individuals battled for opportunity and equity - however this age are searching for motivation to be offended."

Notwithstanding, much like all that you see and hear all through the world - particularly on the web, not everything that is composed or said is the thing that it is by all accounts.

The Rock took to his Instagram handle as he posted a video in which he talked about the alleged article and "interview", that clearly never happened and was completely made up.

"The interview never took place. Never happened. Never said any of those words, Completely untrue. One hundred percent fabricated."

The Rock is planned to go to the Sundance Film Festival to advance the free film, "Battling With My Family", a biopic covering the life of WWE Superstar Paige and her family, from the families humble beginnings and battles to Paige's possible ascent to fame in the WWE.

The Rock had recently been conjectured to show up at the Royal Rumble as an unexpected contestant, however there is no reality to the gossip right now and is very improbable to happen because of The Rock's bustling timetable.
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