Boeing Stopped Supplying 737 MAX Aircraft

Boeing Aviation Corp. decided to stop shipments of its 737 MAX series liners after their flights were banned in the United States. Many countries have refused to use this model. Among them are Russia, EU member states, Australia, South Korea, Turkey and others. These measures were caused by a plane crash in Ethiopia, which killed 157 people.

However, according to Interfax, the company continues to produce this type at a plant near Seattle, with plans to increase the pace from June. Company owners avoid stopping, as this can lead to industrial disruptions.

Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed on March 10 immediately after departure from Addis Ababa Airport. Everyone on board died: 157 people, including eight crew members. This is the second plane crash of this modification in the past five months. In October 2018, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air fell into the Java Sea. On board there were eight crew members and 181 passengers, all of them died.

Earlier wrote that the pilot of the ship that crashed in Ethiopia warned about problems. He complained to the dispatcher about failures in the control system and wanted to return to Addis Ababa airport.
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