Twitter App Claim to Fix Bug

Social networking site Twitter acknowledged the error in its app, while simultaneously claiming that the company removed the error. According to a foreign website report, Twitter said that 'a malicious' had added incorrect coding to the app, which could have impacted users' data. Twitter also sent users an email warning them to update their Android app as soon as possible.

The company believes that due to the coding incorporated by these elements in the app, not only could the user's details go to these hackers, they would also be able to tweet with the user's messaging option.

The company says it has no evidence that this code was included here or that its weakness was broken. Twitter does not have the appropriate information in this regard, nor does it have any final number of users affected. In its message, Twitter says it has taken steps to address the issue while directing the victims. Twitter recommends users update their Android version to get rid of this problem. The social platform apologized for its defect while emphasizing that they would continue to work to keep their information more secure.
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